Clinical Logistics
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“I first want to start off by thanking you for doing such excellent and efficient work. You guys at Clinical Logistics are definitely making tube preparation as simple as possible. I’ve seen other lab tube kits, and without a doubt, you guys are top notch. Thanks.” - Lab Technician, California based oncology clinic

Effective Kits

The CLI team has the extensive expertise needed to create detailed, concise laboratory operations manuals and assemble effective, user-friendly specimen collection kits for safety, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic assessments.

Laboratory manuals are customized to the specifications of the study and contain all pertinent specimen collection and shipping instructions.  Standardized kit production procedures, multiple stages of quality control and detailed documentation ensure our kits are always assembled consistently and accurately.  Clear, sealed tamper proof packaging with identification labels is used to package our kits.  Supply expiration dates and manufacturer lot numbers are recorded in our production database.
CLI kits help:
  • Ensure specimens are properly collected by providing concise laboratory operations manuals and accurate, user friendly kits
  • Avoid enrollment delays by timely delivery of site initiation supplies and subsequent resupplies
  • Prevent investigator sites from using expired supplies by active supplies tracking which enables timely replenishment of expiring supplies
  • Minimize waste and make outsourced procurement more cost effective by active kit inventory management
  • Reduce the risk of undetected supply tampering at the investigator sites by the use of sealed tamper proof kits